ProjectBee Features

ProjectBee was designed from the ground up to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible.

Team & Clients

You can invite up to 15 active team members and clients. Clients are linked to specific projects, but team members have equal access to all projects. Both team members and clients can create tasks, post comments, and upload files.
The free plan is limited to a maximum of 15 active users to prevent system misuse. However, you can have any number of "archived" user accounts. Archived accounts can not login but their data is retained in the system. For example, you can disable/archive a client's account once their project is complete.

Projects and Tasks

You can add any number of projects and each project can have an unlimited number of tasks, comments, and files linked to it. Your developer team will have equal access to all projects and tasks, but clients will have access only to projects assigned to them.

The free plan can have at most 10 active projects. You can archive/disable a project once it is completed. Archived projects are accessible to the main administrator only. Neither your team nor the clients will be able to access archived projects.

Time Tracking

ProjectBee allows you to track the development time you and your team have spent working on a task. Toggle on the timer when you start working on a task and toggle it off when you stop or pause the development work.

Multiple team members can work on the same task and time is tracked individually for each of the team members. Team members will be able to see a list of all persons working on a task, but they can interact with their own timer. That is, one team member can not stop a timer started by another team member. The admin, however, can stop any timer.

Clients do not have access to time trackers and neither can they view the time tracking reports.

Project Management


ProjectBee has a number of reports which allows you to summarize and tabulate your development time and costs. Currently you can generate these reports at the project level, user level, or for the whole team. New reporting sections are under development and will be launched soon.

Workspace Collaboration

Project Level Chat

Chat in real-time with your team or clients. The chat messages are isolated at the project level.  That is, each project can have its own chat thread.

Note that this is a beta feature and is available for new users only.
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Task Lifecycle

ProjectBee tasks go through the following life cycle states:


Each newly added task starts off in the "New" state.

In Progress

A task can be moved in to the "In Progress" state by starting a "Timer" for this task. Multiple team members can work on the same task at the same time.


The task is moved into the "Pending" state when a running timer for that toggled off.


You can manually mark the task as "Completed" from the task details page.

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