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Project Management
& Time Tracking Tool

Designed specifically for small teams and freelancers to assist them in meeting their project management needs.
Time Tracking

Flexible & Free

Designed to make your life easier and help you get your work done more efficiently.

Constantly Evolving

New features and functionality are added regularly to meet your changing needs.

Always Online

Nothing to download or install. Just fire up your browser and start tracking your progress.

Track of your time, costs, and progress

ProjectBee is an online project management software that helps small teams and freelancers manage tasks and get work done.
Manage Your Team
Add Projects and Tasks
Track Time for Individual Tasks
Assign Per Hour Costs To Your Team
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Project Management

Collaborate and Communicate

ProjectBee allows you to add clients to projects. Clients will be able to view the tasks, post comments, and upload files.
Invite Clients To Your Projects
Post Comments and Share Files
Project Level Chat (Beta)
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Task Management

Project Level Chat

Chat in real-time with your team or clients. The chat messages are isolated at the project level.  That is, each project can have its own chat thread.

Note that this is a beta feature and is available for new users only.
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Workspace Collaboration

Simplify Your Life

Project management software that helps small teams and freelancers manage tasks and get work done. Join now for free.

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